Gone Missing1: Seven British Photographers, curated by Severn Taylor
June 22 - August 1, 2001

The Frederieke Taylor gallery is pleased to announce the opening of a group show entitled Gone Missing1, curated by Severn Taylor. This exhibition investigates the concept of space from a variety of perspectives and focuses on architecture and landscape, both real and imaginary. Included in the exhibition are works by Robert Davies, Edward Dimsdale, Jonathan Mosley + Sophie Warren, Jason Oddy, John Offenbach, Helen Sear and David Spero. This show, from which the human figure is literally "gone missing", represents for most of these artists the first time they show their work in the United States. Severn Taylor who lives and works in London selected the artists and the photographs in the exhibition.

Robert Davies translates and distills temporal images of single moments into a kind of pause and a blurring of meaning. Included in this exhibition are his cloud photographs, which have a somber and meditative presence; these images seem to capture transcendent moments of everyday experience.

Edward Dimsdale has been experimenting with historical techniques of making prints and has developed what has now become his singular style, a process that he applies to a diverse range of themes and subject. The artist makes silver prints using a series of paper positives and negatives, which are then toned with a mixture of selenium and gold.

M5 Southbound: Jonathan Mosley + Sophie Warren founded M5 Southbound in 1999, a collaboration of artists and architects. They use installations, models, video, photographs, text and sound to present the viewer with a series of physical and spatial experiences that question the nature of places and how they are perceived.

Jason Oddy in his series entitled " Waiting Rooms" captures the moment of a person's death and the final scattering of their life. Entering the homes of people who have recently passed away, Oddy has chronicled a twilight world of objects and spaces that still bear the traces of their onetime owners.

John Offenbach has a strong interest in geometry and architecture. The work included in this show comes from a book entitled Architecture in which he collaborated with a number of architects to produce a collection of large scale, abstract photographs that refer to utopian spaces and fantasies.

Helen Sear's photographs included in this show deal with a continuing theme of animals and re-animation - her photographs seem to bring the dead animals back to life in a new way. These pieces come from a larger series created by Sear entitled 'Animal Landscapes'.

David Spero takes razor sharp images of everyday spaces left by their occupants; included in this exhibition are photographs of control rooms and cockpits, as well as familiar spaces in homes.