December 6, 2001 - January 12, 2002

Frederieke Taylor gallery is pleased to present Humanoid, a whimsical, colorful and quirky group exhibition by 14 artists whose art is inspired by, although not necessarily representative of, the human form. The show features painting by Amanda Church, Nancy Diamond, Gary Petersen, Nancy Rielle and Paul Henry Ramirez; sculpture by Michael Asente, Lee Boroson, Nancy Bowen, Charles Long, Jerry Mischak, Andy Yoder; a video sculpture by Ray Rapp and photography by Nancy Davidson and Nina Levy.

In Humanoid varying degrees of humanization are at play. The work ranges from the obvious to the oblique yet never loses its sense of humor. The allusion may be as evident as Paul Henry Ramirez's swirling, squirting forms or Nancy Rielle's bulging panty-clad "Elasto Woman", or more obscure as Jerry Mischak's mummified duct tape forms, Charles Long's intimately-scaled ceramic objects, or Nancy Bowen's glass and wood assemblages.

Work as divergent as Michael Asente's droll, homespun "asshole pillows" and Andy Yoder's braided rug sculpture, "Whopper", match wits with Nancy Davidson's and Nina Levy's raucous yet poignant photography.

Painting runs the gamut from Amanda Church's hard-edged portraits of emotional states to the bulging and imploding nodes of Gary Petersen's "Why Not Now". The exaggerated horizontal and vertical distortions in Nancy Diamond's small-scaled oil portraits mirror the amorphous, shifting shapes of Ray Rapp's video sculpture. Lee Boroson's inflatable site-specific installation demands audience interaction by providing a wobbly, multi-layered cloud-like partition between the gallery's' spaces.

This New York incarnation of Humanoid completes a nationwide tour that has included stops in Boston, Chicago and Houston.