Lisa Sigal: Stone to Wind
September 11 - October 20, 2001

Frederieke Taylor gallery is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of paintings and a wall mural by Lisa Sigal, entitled Stone to Wind.

As the title of the show indicates, Lisa Sigal pushes the paint itself into a balance between weightlessness and mass. Abstractions become landscapes, and the colors themselves seem to tell stories. Fusing Western notions of illusion and space with Eastern dynamics of color and flatness, Sigal explores the gap between form and the destruction of form.

Do these paintings have subject matter? Does the viewer's experience of a painting reproduce the artist's experience of making it? These are questions which Sigal's new work invites us to consider, precisely because they have no definitive answers. The artist has said: "I've been influenced by the gestures of abstract expressionism, the excitement and devotion of Indian miniatures, and the expansiveness and precision of children's drawings. And sometimes all of these seem like part of the same thing to me.

The works included in the exhibition range from "Where Changes Begin"- a painting in which an atmosphere of black finds harmony with a dance of vivid color - to the large wall painting in which Sigal is following the logic of her creations beyond the smaller scale of an individual painting. The paintings and the mural tell of systems of transformation in which the artist's personal mythology opens up a space for the viewer to live for a while.

Sigal has exhibited her work widely throughout the United States, and most recently had a "white room" show at White Columns and was part of an exhibition at Art Resources Transfer in New York City.