Franco Mondini-Ruiz
Nacho de Paz

December 12, 2002 - February 8, 2003

Tex-Mex Christmas party meets Chelsea art opening in Mondini-Ruiz's latest creation titled Nacho de Paz. Working with kitsch, found objects and antiquities Mondini-Ruiz subtly and humorously addresses issues of cultural bias, beauty and pleasure in a new series of sculptural vignettes and installations.

Neo-baroque and transcultural, Mondini-Ruiz's work asserts his personal experience. Sometimes sincere and sometimes ironic, he has been engaged in art that deals with the power of visual culture and its display. Influenced - like other Tejano artists -by high modernism and the legacy of Donald Judd in Marfa, Texas, and informed by the diversity of borderlands vernacular cultures, Mondini Ruiz cross-fertilizes images and formal devices from a range of sources.

A Tejano of Mexican American and Italian parentage, Franco Mondini - Ruiz takes inspiration from the mestizo expressions of his native southwest Texas. Franco Mondini - Ruiz belongs to a generation of Latino artists who are concerned with cultural identity to employ a variety of forms to address a multitude of themes and issues in a contemporary, global language.

Franco Mondini-Ruiz's work has been exhibited in both solo and group exhibits throughout the world including the 2000 Whitney Biennial, NY, as well as the exhibition Mexique at the Museo del Barrio, NY, and the 2001 Caribbean Biennial, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and in 2002 at ARCO, Madrid, Spain. Mondini-Ruiz's work has been featured as a constantly evolving installation/performance included in Ultra Baroque: Aspects of Post-Latin American Art traveling to venues within the United States and Canada including MOCA, San Diego; MOMA, San Francisco; the MAM, Miami; AGO, Toronto; Walker Museum, Minneapolis and CMA, Fort Worth, Texas.