Christy Rupp: GloboLoco
14 October - 13 November 2004

Frederieke Taylor gallery The Frederieke Taylor gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition "GloboLoco" by noted artist and activist Christy Rupp in the gallery's project room. This is Ms. Rupp's third exhibition with the gallery.

The "GloboLoco" installation, subtitled "Made in China & Made in U.S.A.," includes small, glass sculptures as well as prints and collages through which the artist draws our attention to the globalization of trade and America's war on terror.

The "Made in China" series features numerous sets of barely visible glass hands clutching life-size or miniature versions of consumer products. Together they form a delicate presentation of mass products made in the Far East, for the U.S. market. In contrast, the "Made in America" series reflects the artist's vision on the impact of America's culture in other countries, especially in the Middle East. These colorful collages feature the American flag and other characteristically American images morphed with Islamic patterns.

As the artist states "While George Bush tries to rearrange the Middle East, Christy Rupp has set about rearranging the shelves of Wal-Mart, and other gargantuan shopping opportunities. U.S. commerce today is that of manufacturers who don't make anything, and retailers who don't touch anything they sell, just big boxes moving unseen goods."

Christy Rupp has been a well-known social and political art–activist since the seventies. She has exhibited widely, from the time she participated in the Times Square Show in 1979 and was affiliated with Colab and Group Material. She has completed numerous projects in New York as well as other cities in the United States. Her most recent shows include: "Bug-Eyed: Art, Culture, Insects", at Turtle Bay Exploration Park Redding, Ca, "H2O", at University of the Pacific, Stockton, Ca., "Nature in Pieces: The Environmental Sculpture of Christy Rupp" at the Ulrich Museum, "Paradise Now" at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Museum of Art, and Tang Teaching Museum & Art Gallery, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY and "Christy Rupp: Swimming in the Gene Pool" at MassMoCA Kidspace, North Adams, MA.