Kirsten Nelson: Sculpture
15 September – 21 October 2006

[the] almost systemic exploration of the relations between the homely and the unhomely, the familiar and the strange, extended to an equally subtle examination of the role of architecture in staging the sensation [of the uncanny] and in acting as an instrument for its narrative and spatial manifestations.
-Anthony Vidler, The Architectural Uncanny

Kirsten Nelson's work explores the gap between present experience and remembered space. In these sculptures based on domestic interiors, the interstice-a narrow interval between solid forms-opens a tension between functional space and “space without a use.” The sculptural forms, constructed out of common home building materials, exist between object and space. The works initially appear as cross sections and fragments that would fit together, but in the end, do not. Each piece evokes a recognizable site, yet it remains an invented fragment, or “false” rendition of everyday architecture.

In recent projects, Nelson has focused on installations of both miniature and full-scale architectural fragments of walls and room interiors. The intricate miniatures develop narratives and vignettes of peculiar spatial orientations while the larger sculptural fragments gently interrupt and divide space. The full-scale wall pieces emerge out of existing structures; evoking both the remains of walls left behind and misplaced structures. The careful craftsmanship of the work in contrast to the objects’ lack of function evokes a sense of the uncanny and the humorous.

Kirsten Nelson received her MFA from Purchase College, SUNY. She was selected in 2003 to participate in AIM 23, a workshop residency and a group exhibition at the Bronx Museum. In 2003-2004, Nelson participated in the Henry Street Settlement, Artist-in-Residence Workspace Program at the Abrons Arts Center. She was selected for a Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation Studio Grant in 2005-06. Her work has been exhibited throughout New York, Connecticut, and Minnesota, including the Bronx Museum, NY; Artspace, New Haven CT; Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis MN. This is Kirsten Nelson's first solo exhibition in New York. For more information, please contact the gallery.