P.A.N. [progressive architecture network] 
an architecture exhibition curated by Winka Dubbeldam and Helene Furjan, will be on view at Frederieke Taylor gallery from October 27-December 3, 2006

The exhibition will feature the work of five, young, international architecture firms that share an attitude toward architecture rather than a common style or formal doctrine. The firms included in the exhibition are: Sadar Vuga Arhitekti from Ljubljana, Slovenia, R&Sie(n) from Paris, France, J. Mayer H. Architects from Berlin, Germany, IaN+ from Rome, Italy and Archi-Tectonics from New York.

The inspiration for the exhibition came from the five, initial Archilab Conferences held in Orléans, France from 1999 to 2004. Organized by Frédéric Migayrou and Marie-Ange Brayer, the conferences helped forge networks of like-minded, young and emerging architects. "The evolution of the P.A.N. networks was very rapid and the idea for the exhibition developed in tandem," said Dubbeldam. "The exhibition's visual excitement is analogous to the development of a dynamic organism; it should be viewed as a four-dimensional section through the network's material productions." Co-curator Helene Furjan identifies the firms in the exhibition as a group of "contemporary architects who are mobile and connected, operating on multiple continents simultaneously and moving in and out of collaborations and affiliations at a fast pace. Spanning two continents and five countries, these five practices represent a new generation of cool YEAs (young European architects) who network back and forth across the Atlantic." An exhibition catalogue published by iMage and sponsored by the Consulate General of the Netherlands will be available. The exhibition will travel to Berlin, Florence and Ljubljana, Slovenia. A symposium related to the exhibition will be held at Columbia University on Monday, October 23, 2006 at 6:30p.m. in Wood Auditorium at Avery Hall (


Sadar Vuga Arhitekti(SVA) [Ljubljana, Slovenia] was founded in 1996 by Jurij Sadar and Bostjan Vuga. SVA's practice encompasses interior design, residential and commercial architecture, and urban design. The architects are influenced by visual, acoustic, and written media, and informed by art, fashion, science, and technology, as they search for new techniques to generate new architectural effects.

R&Sie(n) [Paris, France] is the partnership of Francois Roche, Stéphanie Lavaux, and Jean Navarro. "Making with…" is their way of describing their research into an experience of architecture through a mutation of contextual parameter…profoundly critical and "deceptive." The firm has participated in the last five Venice Architecture Biennales.

J. Mayer H. [Berlin, Germany] is a cross-disciplinary studio founded in 1996 by Jürgen Mayer H. The studio focuses on works at the intersection of architecture, communication, and new technology. From urban planning schemes, to installations, to the design of objects with new materials, the relationship between the human body, technology, and nature form the background for a new production of space. His work has published and exhibited worldwide and is part of numerous collections, including MoMA and SFMoMA.

Archi-Tectonics [New York, NY] was founded by Winka Dubbeldam in 1994. She is also the director of the Post-Professional Program in Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. The firm's work ranges from residential and commercial to the virtual, all of which are realized in architectural commissions, urban designs, and installations.

IaN+ [Rome, Italy] was established in 1997 by Carmelo Baglivo, Luca Galofaro, and Stephania Manna. The multidisciplinary studio focuses on the intersection of theory and practice in architecture, in order to redefine the concept of territory as a relational space between the landscape and the occupant, always questioning the contemporary urban condition.

The Frederieke Taylor gallery in New York's Chelsea area is one of the few commercial galleries in New York that exhibits architecture and design as well as the visual arts. Recent architecture exhibitions have included: Raimund Abraham's design for the Jing Ya Ocean Entertainment Center, Beijing; Asymptote's "Iscapes 1.0" and Winka Dubbeldam, Archi-Tectonics "From HardWare to SoftForm."