STERCK & ROZO: From Spanish Chapels to First Born
24 May - 30 June 2007

Frederieke Taylor Gallery presents a new series of colorful, abstract photographs by Sterck and Rozo. In the past, the artists have photographed each other in the Provincetown and Truro landscape on Cape Cod resulting in existential, dreamlike images of dark, non-descript figures. In another body of work, double-mirrored elements of the Cape Cod landscape formed crisp, kaleidoscopic images recalling ancient masks and mandalas. Throughout their work, they examine the relationship between theology, science and art and continue to do so with this new body of work.

"From Spanish Chapels to First Born", is a series of photographs that were taken during the artists' fertility pilgrimage through Spain, inspired by the historical pilgrimage taken by couples since medieval times that walked the Way of Saint James in hopes of bearing children. On exhibit, will be digitally abstracted images of places visited such as Spanish monasteries, churches, and cathedrals, as well as celebrations and events that took place during their personal journey to have their child.

Sterck and Rozo have been collaborating for over ten years and have shown both nationally and internationally in numerous group and solo shows. This will be their third solo show with Frederieke Taylor Gallery and they will have a solo show at The Foto Museum in Antwerp in 2008. Sterck and Rozo have been past recipients of the Tiffany Award and The Flemish Community Award. The artists live in New York and in Provincetown, Massachusetts.