In the Project Room

An installation by Christine Sciulli, Intercepting Planes, June 26 – August 8, 2008.

Christine Sciulli's work creates a dialogue between a projection and its transformation, challenging the perception of seemingly simple geometries. Intercepting Planes addresses the projection of a straight line. The interception of straight roving lines of light generates relationships which create a dynamic three-dimensional mapping of a straight line as it becomes unraveled and fluidly recast in space. The random filtering network stretched through the gallery references passageways of information from biological neural networks to cyberspace. Surrounding the viewer, traveling points of light appear capricious and arbitrary, providing a foil to their origin: the straight as it is ephemerally redrawn within space.

In January 2008, Christine Sciulli had her second solo show with Ch'i Contemporary Fine Art, Brooklyn, NY. She has completed numerous outdoor video and light installations in public locations in and around New York. Sciulli has an Architectural Engineering degree from Penn State University and an MFA from Hunter College, NY.