Almost Home curated by An Hoang
July 2nd to August 14th 2009

Frederieke Taylor Gallery is pleased to present, "Almost Home", a group show which includes artists working with various forms of spatial investigations, curated by An Hoang. The artists included in the show are Lois Dodd, Amir H. Fallah, Mary Lum, Gordon Matta-Clark, Kirsten Nelson, and Lisa Sigal.

Known for painting doorways and windows, as well as the landscape that surrounds her, Lois Dodd's lush paintings in this show feature prominent shadows defining the spaces they depict. These painted shadows capture an abstract emptiness while creating a familiar sense of place.
The painted collages by Los Angeles based artist, Amir H. Fallah feature a range of imagery and textures, both photographic and painted. Woven structures are formed, yet they remain fragile shelters with precariously balanced house plants, animals, and figures.
Works by Mary Lum often feature comic book cutouts used to create collages where spatial moments intertwine. These collages are then used to make her life size wall paintings which create comic-like spatial realities. For this exhibit, Lum makes a wall painting that mirrors the front door, activating and bringing a new awareness to the entrance and threshold of the gallery.
Gordon Matta-Clark's work continues to be a source of inspiration for many artists. The artist is known for using abandoned buildings as his medium, cutting into structures to create unexpected apertures and incisions. The artist would document his work through various forms, including photography. In this exhibition, "Splitting 7" and "Splitting 23" are shown capturing the actions of the artist’s slicing and cutting of an empty house, giving a powerful and disorienting sense of space.

Kirsten Nelson's sculptures are made of common construction materials, including sheetrock and wood moldings. The artist creates works which exist between object and space. Each piece evokes a recognizable site, yet it remains an invented fragment, or "false" rendition of everyday architecture. In this new piece, Nelson has added intricately carved details and drawn elements to the ordinary sheetrock surfaces.
Lisa Sigal makes works that often involve a conversation between architecture and painting, questioning the definition of boundary and surface. This new piece by Sigal creates a dialogue between 3 layers of wall surfaces, collapsing time in the combination of aged and fresh layers.
All works in this show alter the perception of regularly encountered architectural and spatial moments, asking the viewer to pause and consider them in a new light.

In the Viewing Room

Support, curated by Jeremy Adams. Featuring works by Phranc, Stefan Saffer, Jeanne Verdoux, Zoe Wright.