September 15th to October 17th 2009

Frederieke Taylor Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition entitled ADHESION, a visual installation by artist Federico Diaz, to open September 15th. This is the first solo show in New York of Federico Diaz, one of the most important artists of a new generation of international creative talent today.

Since the mid-1990s, Federico Diaz has been producing consistently innovative and engaging work through experimentation with new media. His vision encompasses the rudimentary and the refined, a combination that infuses his work with particular emotional force. Díaz explores ideas drawn from biogenetics and cosmogony and seeks to create a link between the two. As such, his work sets in motion a continual reformulation of the relationship between man and the universe. His installations and projects are very often interactive: the spectator not only becomes part of the work of art, but influences it by the form, appearance and movement of his or her body. Federico Diaz is interested in the combination of art, science, algorithmic architecture and the environment we live in.

For the exhibition ADHESION, the images in Federico Diaz’s panels are based on biomorphic forms; linear abstractions which show the growth patterns that happen in nature. The panels are using the latest technology which includes thermo-sensitive colors, allowing the image to change with the transfer of heat -coming from internally printed circuits. The change in color is happening very slowly, requesting the viewer to take a moment to look and perceive the change.

The videos show an urban landscape overgrown by the natural environment with trees disintegrating and becoming liquid, relating directly to the 3-dimensional biomorphic sculptures in the exhibition becoming a liquid reality. The algorithmic and biomorphic sculptures, titled “Liquid Trees”, appear to be movement stopped in time. The sculptures are dripping from the ceiling or splashing off the wall, capturing energy in motion.

In his video “Sakura”, he is making a commentary on how modern technology can take over one’s mind, through marketing, advertising and consumerism. The video gives the impression of being promotional propaganda by an IT company called “Sakura”. The video combines cultural icons within Japanese society-such as the Sakura blossom, and the way of the Samurai, to weave a new reality where technology takes over. At first, it may appear that the person in the video is controlling the technology, but in fact the technology is controlling his thoughts and movements.

Federico Diaz is based in Prague and has created installations and exhibitions in public spaces including the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany, numerous exhibitions in the Czech Republic, Japan, and most recently in the United States where he created ULTRA, a public space and pavilion for PS1's annual radio broadcast from Art Basel Miami Beach 2008. He will create an installation at MassMOCA in Spring 2010.

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