KIRSTEN NELSON, Assembly Required
January 7th to February 20th 2010

Frederieke Taylor Gallery is pleased to present assembly required, new sculpture by Kirsten Nelson. Constructed out of common home building materials, these sculptures exist between what they seem to be and what they seem to be lacking; what is still required in order to understand them as realized objects or idealist representations. They exist in a state of suspended reference, as if they were available in the Sears Roebuck & Co. catalogs from the 1900's as "ready-cut" kit homes with construction methods that allowed for a simplified do-it-yourself method of assembly.

The minimal and austere modular walls, built out of 1" x 4" pine boards and sheetrock, at first resemble contemporary instructional illustrations or showroom presentation models. A closer inspection of the unfinished constructed fragments reveals more intimate and peculiar details; blue numbers stamped on the lumber, furniture bolts to connect the walls, and subtle wallpaper patterns painted on the backside of drywall. The careful craftsmanship and placing of decorative details creates a tension between the ready-made modular building structures and the works as unique aesthetic objects.

This is Kirsten Nelson's second solo show with the gallery. The artist has been in numerous shows in and around New York. She had a site-specific exhibition at the Islip Museum Carriage House, was in the group exhibition Site 92 at Smack Mellon as well as various locations in Connecticut and Minnesota. The artist has been the recipient of several residencies including LMCC Swing Space, Marie Walsh Sharpe Studio program and the Henry Street Settlement.

In the Project Room
[dNASAb]: dataclysmos

In the Project Room, the gallery presents dataclysmic, new works by [dNASAb]. [dNASAb] is known for creating new-media video work, utilizing consumer electronics and complex sculptural systems. The artist sees these technologies as raw materials for the creation of his work which have a distinct aesthetic, capturing velocity, direction, and evolutionary motion.

The video sculptures combine biomorphic forms with new technology to create a new living organism, using hand-blown glass, phosphorescent silicone and video optics. The new photographic works are energetic abstractions, created in nature in the transition zone between the surf and the shore. The photographs uniquely combine his mixed media sculpture with the unpredictable elements of the wind and ocean waves.

This is [dNASAb]'s first solo exhibition at the gallery. His works are exhibited frequently in the United States, and his work has been exhibited internationally in various locations including galleries in Paris, Basel Switzerland, South Korea, and Istanbul. His works are included in numerous private and corporate collections.

In the Viewing Room

Poisoned Apples, curated by Monroe Denton. Exhibiting works by Mary Carlson, Pamela Markham Heller, Charles Hovland, Michael Iskowitz, Jennifer Salomon, Karen Yasinsky. The exhibition's themes are the joys and perils of childhood, as remembered and dismembered in imagination and memory.