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FREDERIEKE TAYLOR GALLERY presented works by [dNASAb]. The artist's most recent body of work evokes the forms, textures, and colors of the living coral reef as well as the biodiversity of ocean life. [dNASAb]’s dynamic sculptures, photographs and installations are the result of intense observation of the living marine reef ecosystem. The artist maintains a full blown reef ecosystem in his studio in which he nurtures and propagates dozens of species of living corals as well as the subsequent ecosystems needed for them to thrive. This reef aquarium, or "studio tank" acts a site of research into developing living sculptures.

[dNASAb] conducts research utilizing new materials, species integration, and optical systems in an effort to re-contextualize the reef environment. In his Aquascaping Project series, the artist reproduces the shifting organic growth of the reef by allowing living invertebrates to fasten to the work, making the sculpture part of the living coral it seeks to mimic. In this way the sculpture, like the reef and its inhabitants, transforms over time. Employing plastics, LEDs, fiber optics, and other media, [dNASAb] makes the connection between the rich biodiversity of the reef and the accelerating social and cultural evolution of the world we inhabit on land. Colorful abstracted hanging sculptures and photographs reflect the artist's continued exploration between art, technology and nature.

VOLTA New York 2015
March 5–8, 2015
PIER 90, West 50th Street at 12th Avenue, New York, NY 10036, USA

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