2004 March

Jean Shin: New works 
March 19 – April 17, 2004.
Opening Reception:
Friday, March 19, 2004, 6 to 8 pm.
Frederieke Taylor gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition of new works by Jean Shin in the Main Gallery.

Jean Shin’s work speaks of the optimism inherent in giving new form to life’s leftovers such as broken umbrellas, scraps of discarded clothing or old prescription eyeglasses. Stripped of its consumer value, the objects reveal an underlying beauty independent of its former function. Amassing large quantities of objects in her installations, Jean Shin generates homogeneous, monumental structures that paradoxically emphasize the individuality and variation of the material. The installations recall the initial history of the objects and their relationship to the body, while also suggesting larger connections to our collective desires and struggles.

20/20, Detail 

The center piece of this exhibition is an accumulation of hundreds of discarded leather shoes, deconstructed and sewn together in ways that reveal new meanings and associations.


Other works include an architectural alteration that engages the environment outside the gallery through prescription lenses, a hanging sculpture that reduces a clothesline of white oxford shirts to its skeletal seams.In June, Jean Shin will be the featured artist in the Project series at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. An outdoor installation commissioned by the New Museum of Contemporary Art will be part of the exhibition Counter Culture in July. Her works have been shown in various art centers in New York City and internationally, including Socrates Sculpture Park, Artists Space, Exit Art, Art in General, Smack Mellon Gallery, Ssamzie Space (Seoul, Korea) and ARCO (Madrid, Spain). Jean Shin’s work is included in many private and corporate collections.Hide 

A publication of Jean Shin’s recent work, Jean Shin: Reconstructed Remnants, 2004, will be available at the gallery.

For further information and visuals,
please contact the gallery.